BBC Bitesize initiative partners with Planet League

BBC Bitesize initiative partners with Planet League

Written by

Tom Gribbin

Published on

21 Oct 2021

BBC Bitesize have launched The Regenerators, an initiative to educate and inspire children, young people and families to take simple steps to build a greener future.

Climate change is the number one concern of young people today, so The Regenerators are here to empower people with the skills needed to create change, influence others to look after our planet and the natural world around us.

The initiative will do this by providing a range of films and quizzes that explore your favourite hobbies and interests, helping you understand the issues around climate change and how you can make a difference. Families will be treated to a series of videos and articles that include simple and achievable ideas that you can try at home to help save money and live well.

Check out The Regenerators today, and if you hunt around you'll see our Snakey the Draft Excluder activity on the site :)