Funso Ojo becomes Planet League Ambassador

Funso Ojo becomes a Planet League Ambassador

Written by

Tom Gribbin

Published on

3 May 2023

Funzo Ojo is a Port Vale midfielder and vice-captain, and a Planet League ambassador. He moved to the UK from his native Belgium in 2017. He played for Scunthorpe, Aberdeen and Wigan and is now at Port Vale.

He’s a bit of a climate nut - led the charge for Port Vale in this year’s Green Football Weekend, completing 260 actions and saving 500kg. Sterling work for a few weeks of dedicated greenery. That was February.

Then in March he scored this beauty from 25 yards.

That’s what it takes to be a professional footballer: focus and dedication, right? Ok, and talent and so on.

Actually, like living greener. You’ve got to stick at it, work at it. You’re not a Messi overnight, you’re not a Greta overnight (even if you want to be one).

We were over the moon when Funzo agreed to be a Planet League ambassador. He’s going to help us get the word out, while setting an example to his fans and bugging his teammates to trade down their cars to bikes 🙂

We asked him where he got the climate bug from. He said:

“I have always been fascinated by recycling ever since my mum explained it to me when i was younger. As I got older I started looking more into what actually happens when we do recycle and when we don’t and what the effects of those actions are.

“The Earth is beautiful but more and more we see and feel the effects of climate change. I believe if we all get a bit more knowledgeable and do our best to protect it we can make a change."